Amino Acid Premium Glutamine 500g


  • Helps restoration processes
  • Reduces the symptoms of fatigue
  • Increases endurance
  • Helps build muscle mass
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Glutamine KFD Nutrition

  • Helps restoration processes
  • Reduces the symptoms of fatigue
  • Increases endurance
  • Helps build muscle mass

Glutamine KFD Nutrition is an important amino acid with many functions in the body.

It is a building block of protein and critical part of the immune system.

What’s more, glutamine has a special role in intestinal health.

Your body naturally produces this amino acid, and it is also found in many foods. Yet, you may be unsure if you need extra glutamine from supplements for optimal health.

This article explains why glutamine is important and discusses the benefits and safety of glutamine supplements.

Glutamine is an amino acid. Amino acids are molecules that play many roles in the body.

Their main purpose is to serve as building blocks for proteins.

Proteins are crucial to the organs. They also serve other functions, such as transporting substances in the blood and fighting off harmful viruses and bacteria.

Like many other amino acids, it exists in two different forms: L-glutamine.

They are almost identical but have a slightly different molecular arrangement.

The form found in foods and supplements is L-glutamine. Some supplements list it as L-glutamine, but others simply use the broader term glutamine.

While L-glutamine is used to make proteins and perform other functions, D-glutamine appears to be relatively unimportant in living organisms.

L-glutamine can be produced naturally in your body. In fact, it is the most abundant amino acid in the blood and other body fluids.

However, there are times when the glutamine needs of your body are greater than its ability to produce it.

Therefore, it’s considered a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning that it must be obtained from the diet under certain conditions, such as injury or illness.

Also, glutamine is an important molecule for the immune system and intestinal health.

Glutamine also improves the ability to focus attention, reaction rate, recovery after workout, and reduces signs and symptoms of fatigue.

Glutamine stimulates protein synthesis, which leads to improved muscle strength.

Method of administration: Take one dose (10g) in 150-200ml. water. Take 2 doses per day, for example before and after workout.


Amino Acid Glutamine KFD Nutrition Ingredients


Apple & Cherry, Cactus, Cherry, Orange Lime, Pomegranade, Raspberry & Grapefruit, Strawberry & Raspberry, Tropical Fruit, Unflavored


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