Protein Premium Dessert 700g


  • Raises muscle mass
  • Long-lasting effect
  • High amounts of BCAA and glutamine at each dose
  • Helps synthesize “nocturnal” hormones
  • Long lasting appetite
  • Suitable for light meals before sleep
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Protein Dessert KFD Nutrition

  • Raises muscle mass
  • Long-lasting effect
  • High amounts of BCAA and glutamine at each dose
  • Helps synthesize “nocturnal” hormones
  • Long lasting appetite
  • Over 15 unique flavours

KFD Nutrtition Premium Dessert is a high-protein product derived from the technological processes of ultrafiltration, evaporation and dehydration.

The low lactose content (less than 2.5%) is achieved thanks to the ultrafiltration process, and evaporation and dehydration remove excess water in order for the protein to acquire a known powdery form.

Protein Dessert KFD Nutrition Dessert contains pure mycelial casein, which is a lean protein and provides our muscles with a long flow of amino acids.

Thick pudding-like texture and wonderful taste make KFD Premium Dessert an ideal substitute for dessert or meals – micellar casein is very suitable for light meals before sleep.

The product of KFD contains 100% pure mycelial casein without impurities of lower quality casein fractions such as calcium caseinate.

Proteins can be extracted through the use of different processes.

By microfiltration, for instance, the milk proteins are physically extracted by using a microscopic filter, whereas by using the ion exchange process, the proteins from the serum are extracted by taking advantage of their electric charge.

The filtration process is what makes most of the difference between the various types of whey protein that are available.

The different processes that can be used can make for distinct production costs as well as purity.

The better the filtration process, the less the carbohydrate and fat contents will be, and the higher the percentage of actual protein.

The taste meets the highest customer requirements and ranks among the best tasting products on the market.

Does not contain aspartame or other artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers labeled “E” on the label.

Each dose of KFD Premium Dessert charges you with 24g of complete protein that provides you with an even and gradual release of amino acids into your bloodstream overnight.

Method of administration: Dissolve 1 dose (30g) in 200ml of water or milk.

Eat 1 to 3 times a day depending on your individual needs.



Birthday Cake, Caramel with Milk, Chocolate, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate with Raspberry, Cookies, Gum, Peanut Butter, Pistachios, Vanilla Ice Cream, Vanilla with almonds, Vanilla with Banana, Vanilla with coconut, Vanilla with Strawberry, Vanilla with Tiramisu, White Chocolate


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