Premium Creatine 500g


  • Energy stimulant
  • Helps build a clean muscle mass
  • Proven increases strength and endurance
  • Improving muscle regeneration during long exhausting workouts
  • Increased strength and explosiveness during training
  • Creatine is considered one of the most effective dietary supplements
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Premium Creatine KFD Nutrition

  • Energy stimulant
  • Helps build a clean muscle mass
  • Proven increases strength and endurance

Creatine KFD Nutrition is a nutritional supplement containing 100% pure creatine monohydrate with 200 mesh micronisation.

The main function of creatine is to produce energy for body processes and restore energy levels of ATP.

The anti-catabolic properties of creatine are expressed in improving muscle regeneration during long exhausting workouts.

Creatine helps for faster recovery of ATP levels between the series, resulting in increased strength and explosiveness during training.

In addition, creatine hydrates the muscle cell, making the type of muscle more bulky and dense.

Remember, creatine hydrates the MUSCLE cells, many people confuse this fact about creatine and worry about subcutaneous water retention – subcutaneous water retention is due exclusively to high carbohydrate intake rather than to creatine intake.

Creatine is a type of nitrogenous organic acid that is produced naturally by the human body, from 3 amino acids (arginine, glycine and methionine).

It can also be obtained through food, more specifically through meat and fish. However, meeting the daily recommended dose of creatine would require consuming approximately 1 kg of meat or fish per day.

Creatine is predominantly synthesized in the liver, the pancreas and the kidneys, from where it is distributed to the rest of the body cells where it plays an important part in the energy production process.

Inside the muscle cells, creatine and phosphorus combined become phosphocreatine – an energetic compound that is in charge of providing the muscle cells with energy.

The muscle cells resort to phosphocreatine especially during periods of muscle contraction, an energy-demanding action.

Creatine is particularly useful during short bouts of high intensity exercise, such as weightlifting or sprinting. It is during these times that “explosive” energy is required.

Due to its undeniable effects – increasing ATP levels, increasing strength, increasing muscle mass, creatine is considered one of the most effective dietary supplements.

Creatine is one of the most studied sports nutritional supplements, and with the addition to your regimen, you can expect – more strength, better recovery, thicker muscles and muscle gain.

Method of administration: Dilute one dose – 5g (1 scoop) into 200ml of water or juice.

Use according to your individual needs either twice a day – before and after a workout or in the morning and before a meal.


KFD Nutrition Premium Creatine Ingredients


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