Weight Loss Creams
Creams, also known as a topical cream or a fat-burning cream, is claimed to be an active belly slimming products. It is also applied on areas with excess fat like the butt or the thighs to get rid of the fat and leave you with a toned look. However, does not increase metabolism. The fat burning cream also initiates vasodilation, which causes an increase in blood flow to the region applied.

  • Creams have toning properties and help to eliminate localized fat deposits in the subcutaneous region, which includes areas that are usually more resistant to fat loss during the weight loss process.
  • Discourages cells from storing fat
  • Increases key enzymes involved in fat burning
  • Decreases carriage of excess superficial water, reducing bloating
  • Mobilises fatty acids and increases local blood flow where applied
  • Discourages fat storage in problem areas through localised oestrogen and cortisol modulation
  • Utilises mitochondrial uncoupling, increasing thermogenesis and decreasing the formation of reactive oxygen species
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