ℹ  Vitargo consists of a carbohydrate formula, whose production process is properly patented, which means that the extraction technique is exclusive.

This product may be derived from various starch sources (barley, potato, waxy maize, wheat or rice). However, the applied extraction technique always provides molecules whose structure is greater than that of the majority of carbohydrates.  See More

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  • Battery Nutrition Vitargo 2000 g

    Vitargo offers muscle fuel recovery in just 2 hours after exhaustive exercise. You can train, and train again the same day, with 10% to 23% more maximal endurance compared to refueling with maltodextrin plus sugar.

    Vitargo can be stacked with your favorite non-carb supplements (protein, pre-workout, amino acids, electrolytes, creatine, etc.).

    100% SUGAR-FREE

    Vitargo is a patented, pure, unique, naturally occurring non-GMO starch isolate that is kosher, gluten-free, and 100% sugar-free.

    • No digestive upset or distress during training, zero bloat
    • No carb crash
    • The most effective way of filling glycogen stores
    •  Accelerates muscle regeneration
    • Increases strength and improves endurance
    • Reduces the frequency of inflammation and symptoms of overtraining
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