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  • Bodyraise ProCLA120 softgels

    Bodyraise ProCLA – Increase in the usage of body fat

    CLA is a natural supplement that reduces body fat and defines muscle mass.

    CLA decreases the bodies mechanism to store fat through the blockage of certain enzymes which reach the fat cells and at the same time CLA promotes the conversion of fat deposits into energy.

    CLA helps to prevent the yo-yo effect (constant weight gain after traditional diets). It also acts as an anti oxidant providing positive effects in the immune system and in the decrease of LDL (bad cholesterol).

    The action CLA has in fighting body fat are the following:

    • Avoids gaining weight after using conventional diets
    • Increases the usage of stored fat
    • Decreases the number of fat cells in the body
    • Increases muscle tone
    • Improves overall health
    • Antioxidant

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