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  • 12 x Protein Snack 30 g

    Sweeten up your day… Straight away!

    Sitting all day long while working? Taste it easy and enjoy your protein dose without extra calories. It’s fitlicious!

    Do you know that moment when you fancy something incredibly good and you feel tempted to sink your teeth in something really rich?

    Well, it’s time for you to meet Prozis Protein Snack!

    • Promotes muscle growth
    • Perfect for your fitness goals
    • Preservative-free
    • Artificial colouring-free
    • Artificial sweetener-free
    • Aspartame-free
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  • Battery Nutrition Peanut Butter

    Battery Peanut Butter is a natural calorie dense food making it great for those on a bulking diet and requiring increased calorie consumption, it is also a great source of energy to fuel your workout, whether eaten straight from the tub or used as a spread on your favourite food.

    It provides over 25g of protein per 100g and is high in health mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids meaning it can support heart health, healthy cholesterol levels and fat loss.

    • 100% roasted whole peanuts
    • Calorie dense food source
    • High protein source – 25g per 100g
    • Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
    • High in fiber
    • No added salt, sugar or palm oil
    • Delicious natural taste
    • Smooth buttery texture
    • No added preservatives
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  • Prozis 12 x Protein Gourmet Bar 80 g

    Prozis Protein Gourmet Bar will be the high time of your day, with 20 g of fine protein, contributing to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    With its several layers of yummy, creamy chocolate, velvet caramel and crunchy hazelnuts, you’ll have your daily intake of protein, guilt-free!

    • High in Protein
    • Source of fibre
    • Vegetarian
    • Incredible texture and flavour
    • Enriched with whey protein
    • 20 g of protein per 80 g bar
    • Aspartame-free
    • Artificial colouring-free
    • Preservative-free
    • GMO-free
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  • Prozis 12 x Protein Wafer 40 g

    Your crispy snack for yummy breaks.

    Is it time to take a break, and are you craving for a crispy bite into something delicious?

    Well, we have the best snack for you – a mouthwatering wafer with half the sugars of a standard wafer, lower in carbs, and protein-packed.

    An excellent choice for any time of the day, to feel more comfort and satiety. Crack … and you’re ready for the next one!

    • High Protein
    • Aspartame-Free
    • Preservative-Free
    • Artificial Colouring-Free
    • Calorie Conscious
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  • Prozis 12 x Zero Snack 35 g

    Prozis Zero Snack is the perfect choice that allows you to enjoy the authentic pleasure of a chocolate bar, but with the certainty that you are making a much healthier choice!

    • Mums on the go
    • Athletes
    • Seniors
    • Weight management
    • Busy professionals
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  • Prozis 15 x Protein Brownie 50 g

    Go sweeter with less sugars and more protein!

    Do you occasionally feel that urge for something sweet? And does that urge make you feel remorseful? No need for all that weight on your conscience, there’s a fit solution within reach!

    Prozis Protein Brownie is the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, but with the certainty that you are making a much healthier choice. Go sweeter without dumping the diet!

    Melt-in-your-mouth delight!

    Baked with sweet chocolate chips, these choco-peanut brownie bites are loaded with protein, which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

    With these brownies, you upgrade your protein intake while making the most of your diet! Here’s a tip: pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds for a soft and even more delicious result!

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  • Sale!

    Prozis 3 x Diet Bar 35 g

    Diet Bar by Prozis is packed with isomalto-oligosaccharides, or IMOs: a low calorie fibre sweetener.

    As a naturally sweet fibre with prebiotic properties, IMO makes you feel fuller for longer, helping you control your appetite throughout the day.

    So it’s easy to understand why it’s the latest favourite ingredient of dieters and healthy eaters.

    Truly satisfying and delicious, the Diet Bar is the snack that you should keep in your lunch box or gym bag for every occasion – it’s totally worth it and guilt-free!

    • Rich in protein
    • Low in sugars
    • High in fibre
    • Contains IMOs: a low calorie fibre sweetener
    • Satiating effect
    • Delicious flavours
    • Ideal for weight-loss diets
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  • Xcore 12 x Protein Snack 35 g

    The Xcore Nutrition Protein Snack is the perfect protein-packed bar to include in your diet and training regimen.

    The bar is especially developed for athletes who demand nothing but the best, yet also suitable for anyone wanting to increase their protein intake without the excess calories.

    • Protein contributes to:
    • The maintenance of muscle mass
    • A growth in muscle mass
    • The maintenance of normal bones
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