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Casein Protein is night proteins, also known as casein proteins, are providing a slow but steady supply of amino acids to the bloodstream for several hours. The casein protein is also characterized by the fact that it contains more glutamine than whey or other protein. It is made from fresh milk and is digested gradually for several hours. Casein supplements is the main and key nutritional supplement for any active athlete. Proteins will you help to build muscle mass and at the same time will provide you with protection and regeneration of muscle tissue that is worn out during training. Moreover Casein supplements are providing a slow but steady supply of amino acids, proper regulation of body hydration, and maintaining the proper pH of the blood. They are a source of energy in carbohydrate deficiency, and also of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids).

  • Offer slow and gradual delivery of amino acids
  • Contain more glutamine than soy or whey protein
  • Support the anabolic process
  • Suitable before bedtime or during the day
  • A key nutritional supplement for every athlete
  • Help to build muscle mass
  • Provide muscle protection and regeneration
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