ℹ A whey protein isolate (often whey isolate) is a dietary supplement and food ingredient created by separating components from milk. Whey is a by-product of the cheese-making process. Whey can be processed to yield whey protein in three forms: whey isolate, whey concentrate, or whey hydrolysate.

The difference between the whey protein forms is the composition of the product, particularly the protein content. Whey isolates contain the higher percentage of pure protein and can be pure enough to be virtually lactose free, carbohydrate free, fat free, and cholesterol free.

Whey isolates have had their base component (water) removed and are generally considered almost lactose and cholesterol free — they are typically at least 90% protein.  See More

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  • Battery Nutrition Whey Gold Isolate

    Battery Whey Gold Isolate contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and also to the maintenance of normal bones*

    Battery Whey Gold Isolate has nothing added whatsoever, delivering nothing but high quality whey protein isolate and hydolysate to the body.

    • Only Whey Isolate and Hydrolysate blend
    •  Incredible 99% calories from protein
    • Unrivalled 19,2g BCAA and 16,2 L-glutamine per 100g
    •  Lactose, Gluten, Sugar and Aspartame FREE
    • 64 servings
    • Great for use around training
    • Mind-blowing delicious flavors
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  • Battery Nutrition Whey Gold Isolate Natural 600 g

    Battery Nutrition didn’t want to hide anything from its customers; therefore it created Battery Whey Gold Isolate Natural.

    So you can be sure that with Battery Whey Gold Isolate Natural you’re purchasing the best product available on the market.

    • Only Whey Isolate and Hydrolysate blend
    • 100% FREE of any artificial colours or flavours
    •  Incredible 99% calories from protein
    •  Unrivalled 19,2g BCAA and 16,2 L-glutamine per 100g
    •  Lactose, Gluten, Sugar and Aspartame FREE
    •  Great to use during training
    •  24 servings
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  • Battery Nutrition Whey Protein

    BATTERY WHEY is coming and is here to stay – our flagship product provides all that your body needs after a strenuous workout session – an unmatched ratio of quality, delicious flavor, great solubility and a competitive price.

    The formula is based on the highest quality whey protein concentrate that Europe has to offer, and we added whey protein isolate to ensure the availability of fast-absorbing protein in your everyday shake.

    • Provides essential building block for the repair of muscle tissues
    •  Enhances recovery after exercise
    •  Rapid absorption and constant supply of amino acids via digestive enzymes and whey protein isolate content
    • Added creatine, which at 3g / day increases performance in successive burst of short-term, high intensity exercise like weight training and interval cardio.
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  • Blade Sport Protein Concentrate

    BLADE PROTEIN CONCENTRATE contains a large amount of BCAA’s and L-glutamic acid.

    Amino acids with branched side chains BCAA (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) and L-glutamic acid are the most valuable and desirable amino acids in the diet of intensive training athletes.

    • 87% whey protein concentrate
    • 4100mg BCAA in each serving
    • Great mixability
    • Delicious tastes
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  • Blade Sport Whey Concentrate + Isolate

    100% pure whey protein with a high biological value, which uses only the most premium macronutrient sources.

    This innovative formula is made of the best sources ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate to provide a multi-stage system that is designed to effectively nourish your muscles and maintain anabolism.

    Each serving of BLADE WHEY contains 21 grams of protein and 4.5 grams of BCAA, which are necessary for everybody who want to support quality muscle mass growth.

    • 76% whey protein concentrate
    • 11% whey protein isolate
    • 21g protein and 4500mg BCAA in each serving
    • Whey protein (WPC, WPI)
    • Great mixability
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  • Prozis 100% Real Whey Isolate 1000 g

    100% Real Whey Isolate by Prozis Sport features premium quality whey protein isolate in a highly concentrated formula with over 90% protein content.

    This pure, high-biological value protein comprises a complete amino acid profile, rich in BCAAs that will help you increase your muscle mass as well as maintain that hard-gained muscle.

    Backed by quality certificates issued by independent testing labs, the composition of 100% Real Whey Isolate hides no secrets from you.

    With this supplement, what you read on the label is what you get into your shake.

    Moreover, thanks to the technologically advanced processes employed in its production, this powdered supplement is instantized for fast and easy mixing, giving you a smooth shake with no lumps.

    • Extremely concentrated (over 90% protein)
    • Sugar free and very low in fats
    • Rich in BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)
    • Complete amino acid profile
    • Contributes to a growth in muscle mass
    • Supports the maintenance of muscle mass
    • Backed by quality certificates
    • Guaranteed best value for your moneyr free!

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    Prozis Oatmeal + Whey 1000 g

    Your oats with 31% whey protein are a healthier option, providing extra high biological value protein content to each meal.

    Whey protein is well known for its healthy features. With a complete amino acid profile, rich in BCAAs which are used to stimulate protein synthesis, it plays an important role in maintaining healthy muscle mass and healthy bones.

    • Prozis Spone
    • Prozis Spone
    • With DigeZyme® for easy digestion:
    • This multi-enzyme complex (gluten free and GMO-free) provides an almost instant aid with digestion, breaking down carbohydrates, •lactose, cellulose, fibres, fats and protein.
    • Keeping it simple

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    Prozis Oatmeal + Whey 400 g

    Freakin’ good flavours for a tasty day!

    What if you could have healthy oats for breakfast or as a snack, enriched with whey protein and with the most yummy and delightful flavour?

    You can pick your favourite from a wide selection and taste your little piece of heaven in a knock-choc experience, let your mind drift in a field of strawberries or dive in a creamy velvet peanut butter!

    Tempting enough? Now, which one will you have today?

    • No Sugars Added
    • Natural Source of Protein
    • Natural Source of Fibre
    • Heart Friendly
    • High quality instant whole oats with whey protein

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  • Sale!

    Prozis Zero Whey Isolate 750g

    Get the help you need to achieve your Fitness and Health goals with Prozis Zero Whey Isolate, an ultra-filtered whey protein with zero trans fats and sugars.

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