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  • Battery Nutrition Pancake

    Battery Nutrition Pancake is a meticulously balanced, high-protein delicacy designed to satiate your need for protein essential for recovery.

    Battery Nutrition Pancake does not contain any added artificial aromas – its unique flavor is derived from nutritious oat flour, coconut shreds rich in MCT oil, white chocolate powder and an array of whey protein sources of high biological value.

    Our pancake is so delicious and quick to prepare, that you’ll probably never want any other pancake on your shelf.

    • Pancakes ready in two minutes
    • High Biological Value protein sources
    • Battery Nutrition Pancake’s protein content comes from whey protein concentrate, micellar casein and egg white protein
    • Easy to implement to a varied diet
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  • Blade Sport Iso Rice + Pea Protein 1000 g

    Like other protein sources brown rice protein has the advantage of very low-fat and low-calorie, that’s why everyone is recommended as an alternative to milk proteins.

    The content of the vegetable protein product is a great complement to a vegetarian or vegan diet, because protein in the product contributes to muscle growth and maintain muscle mass.

    • 77% brown rice protein
    • 13% pea protein concentrate
    • 2000mg BCAA in each serving
    • Great mixability
    • Delicious taste
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  • Sale!

    Prozis 3 x Diet Bar 35 g

    Diet Bar by Prozis is packed with isomalto-oligosaccharides, or IMOs: a low calorie fibre sweetener.

    As a naturally sweet fibre with prebiotic properties, IMO makes you feel fuller for longer, helping you control your appetite throughout the day.

    So it’s easy to understand why it’s the latest favourite ingredient of dieters and healthy eaters.

    Truly satisfying and delicious, the Diet Bar is the snack that you should keep in your lunch box or gym bag for every occasion – it’s totally worth it and guilt-free!

    • Rich in protein
    • Low in sugars
    • High in fibre
    • Contains IMOs: a low calorie fibre sweetener
    • Satiating effect
    • Delicious flavours
    • Ideal for weight-loss diets
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