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  • Battery Nutrition Glutamine 500 g

    Battery Nutrition Glutamine is ideal for all because glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body.

    It’s fuel for the brain and the immune system.

    L-glutamine plays a key role in protein metabolism, and when supplemented can help speed up recovery times and reduce muscle breakdown.

    • Spare Muscle Glutamine Stores and Reduce Muscle Protein Catabolism
    • Stimulate Glucose Synthesis to Promote Recovery from Exercise
    • Promote Enhanced Recovery from Training
    • Support Arginine and Nitric Oxide (NO) Levels
    • May Improve the H+ (Acid) – and Ammonia-Buffering Capacity of the Body
    • May Improve Thermogenesis and Metabolic Rate
    • Support Blood Glucose and Energy Levels
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  • Blade Sport BCAA 7000

    This is an essential amino acid, which our body can not produce, so we can only replace it from external source.

    The product is filled up with L-glutamine which contributes to metabolism of muscle protein and improvement of muscle metabolism, they can prevent your muscles from breakdown and play a big role in muscle development.

    These ingredients are designed to work synergistically with your regular protein supplementation to sustain existing muscle and stimulate new muscle growth. It also supports glycogen restoration.

    • High content of BCAA – 6000mg in each serving
    • Filled up with L-glutamine
    • Vitamin B6 in each serving
    • Excellent solubility in water
    • Awesome taste
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  • Blade Sport BCAA 8:1:1 240 tabs

    The BCAA’s are among the 9 essential amino acids for humans, because our bodies can’t manufacture them and needs food or supplements to get these very important nutrients.

    Blade BCAA 8:1:1 contains a dominant ratio of Leucine. With this ratio you don’t have to increase the total product dosage to get high levels of Leucine.

    Our porduct is a source of Vitamin B6, which contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism.

    • One serving contains:
    • 2400mg L-Leucin (8)
    • 300mg L-Valin (1)
    • 300mg L-Izoleucine (1)
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  • KFD Premium Beta Alanine Flavoured 300g

    KFD Premium Beta-alanine is 100% pure beta-alanine, which is a part of the carnosine, a dipeptide stored in the muscles.

    The antioxidant properties of carnosine reduce the toxicity of reactive oxygen species and its chelation effects reflect the reduced toxicity of metal ions.

    • Assists the production of carnosine
    • Increases strength and endurance during exercise
    • Accelerates recovery after workout
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  • KFD Premium BCAA Flavoured 400g

    KFD Premium BCAA is a complex of branched chain amino acids: leucine, valine and isoleucine.

    They are essential amino acids, i. those that the body can not synthesize independently, so they must be delivered with food.

    • Over 10 unique flavors
    • Stimulates the growth of muscle mass
    • Accelerates recovery
    • Increases strength and energy
    • Increases endurance
    • Protects against loss of muscle mass
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  • KFD Premium X-BCAA 500g

    KFD X-BCAA consists mainly of exogenous amino acids, that is, those that the body is unable to synthesize – that obliges us to get them from food or food supplements.

    Added glutamine and beta-alanine increase the effect of the product, contributing to better recovery after heavy workouts and muscle mass protection.

    • BCAA, Glutamine, Beta Alanine
    • Super Solubility
    • Incredible tastes
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  • Sale!

    Prozis Energy Electrolytes 20 Effervescent tabs LEMON

    Your true source of equilibrium

    Electrolytes are necessary for your body to maintain a proper fluid balance, transmit nerve impulses, and contract your muscles.

    With the right electrolyte level, you can easily bounce back from your workout, making it easier to get ready for the next one.

    When you engage in endurance training, your body’s resources become exhausted and you need to recover everything that is lost.

    Now there is an easy and practical way to do it: just dilute your effervescent tab – a true sports ally enriched with minerals – in water. Your true source of equilibrium.

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