Hair Skin and Nails Supplements
There are quite a few formulas on the market that are designed specifically to favor hair, skin and nails, aiming to maintain or restore health, beauty and youthfulness to these structures. In general, such supplements are rich in amino acids, vitamins (B complex as well as vitamins A, C, E), minerals (copper, zinc, selenium), collagen and antioxidant substances, that provide protection and stimulate cell renewal.

  • This supplement consists of fatty acids (oleic, palmitic and stearic acids), as well as vitamin B complex and calcium, and is also a prime source of gamma-linolenic fatty acid (GLA), a member of the omega-6 family.
  • GLA is a polyunsaturated fatty acid of vegetable origin which is not synthesized by the body, being nevertheless essential for its proper functioning.
  • Supplementing with this oil contributes to improved skin hydration and elasticity, in that it reduces the loss of water through perspiration, preventing in this way dehydration.
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