ℹ Green tea and its extract are derived from the plant Camellia sinensis, just like white tea, oolong and black tea. As green tea is practically not fermented, most of its active components remain intact. It can be consumed as a drink (tea) or in a more concentrated form, as a dietary supplement.

Green tea extract has become quite a popular substance that is often used as an ingredient in weight loss and fat burning supplements.  See More

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    Prozis Green Tea EGCG 200 mg 100 caps

    The powerful antioxidant action of green tea, for those who wish to lose weight and promote their health.

    With GreenTea 200mg, by Prozis, you can benefit from the powerful antioxidant action only green tea can provide.

    Green tea is recommended to reduce stress, to help eliminate toxins, to heal and improve skin affected by acne and, more importantly, to help burn fat.

    Combined with its antioxidant properties, its stimulating action helps to eliminate fat by promoting fat burn and inhibiting carbohydrates and fat from being absorbed.

    • Antioxidant action
    • Helps to burn fat
    • Anti-stress agent
    • Diuretic and purifying
    • Improves memory
    • Soothes allergies
    • Protects against cardiovascular diseases
    • Anti-cancer properties

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