ℹ  Casein is the most abundant protein in milk. It is relatively insoluble and tends to form structures called micelles that increase solubility in water. During the processing of milk, which usually involves heat or acid, the casein peptides and micelle structure become disturbed or denatured to form simpler structures.

As a result, a gelatinous material is formed. This is the basis for why casein has a slower rate of digestion, and results in a slow but steady release of amino acids into circulation.

In one study, researchers gave healthy subjects 30 grams of either whey protein or casein protein and made several measures of the anabolic and catabolic effect for 7 hours after the meal. Whey protein resulted in a rapid increase in blood amino acids and protein synthesis, but it was short-lived.

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  • KFD Premium Dessert 700g

    • KFD Premium Dessert contains pure mycelial casein, which is a lean protein and provides our muscles with a long flow of amino acids.
    • Thick pudding-like texture and wonderful taste make KFD Premium Dessert an ideal substitute for dessert or meals – micellar casein is very suitable for light meals before sleep.
    • Over 15 unique flavors
    • Raises muscle mass
    • Long-lasting effect
    • High amounts of BCAA and glutamine at each dose
    • Helps synthesize “nocturnal” hormones
    • Long lasting appetite
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    Prozis 100% Real Casein 1000 g

    • Over 75% protein
    • Slow-release protein
    • Complete amino acid profile
    • Contributes to muscle mass growth
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