ℹ  Carbohydrates are found in various foods: sugar, cereal, fruit, dairy products, potatoes and other tubers (e.g.: sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.). This macronutrient, alongside with protein and fat, is the main calories supplier in food. Dietary supplements may contain mixtures of complex carbohydrates and simple sugars, which is the case of dextrose or maltodextrin. See More

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  • Battery Nutrition Maltodextrin 2000 g

    Battery Maltodextrin is premium European manufactured material.

    It is 100% pure and contains no additives or fillers.

    Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer and while technically it is a complex carbohydrate, it also has a very high GI rating (110), which ensures the rapid release of energy.

    This makes it a good choice for after training or a workout, particularly in combination with Battery Whey Protein, Battery Creatine and Battery BCAA.

    Maltodextrin is a sugar called a polysaccharide. It is manufactured from starch and gets its name due to its formation from Dextrose polymers of different lengths.

    Unlike Dextrose, it does not taste sweet.

    Battery Maltodextrin can be used as an effective carbohydrate source for weight gain shakes, as the protein and fats help to reduce the glycemic response.

    • High GI carbohydrate
    • Great source of energy
    • Rapidly replenishes glycogen stores
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