CvetitaHerbal Supplements
We are a company that specializes in the production of mainly liquid extracts, which are withdrawn from herbs. On one hand, this method of extraction of nutritious substances from plants enables the highest possible concentration of natural ingredients in our extracts.

  • On the other hand, the herbs that we use are well-known by all for their wholesome characteristics and beneficial influence on the organism.
  • CvetitaHerbal Supplements technology is developed for more than seven years.
  • We are using the physiological and chemical threshold concentration liquid.
  • This means the liquid extracts are with such concentration that through all the years of development and trials there is no professional athlete, or an amateur athlete, who has not felt the effects of our liquid extracts.
  • We created them for you and will continue to work towards helping you invest in your health, strength and mind.
  • Bear in mind this is only the beginning.
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